Our Story

Like how GOD nurtures every piece of his precious creation, at Orchid Botanix we wish to GROW with you IN EVERY MOMENT through the breathe of life your  orchid bestows.

Indeed, to witness YOU experience the vast world of the tropical flora brought by our curators closer to home is sheer pleasure. More so, seeing you immerse yourself in our expansive collection of carefully-curated orchids  is deemed  as a major feat.

With our extensive collection comprised of ethically farmed and carefully curated exotic orchids flown from the tropics and grown in our greenhouse, we at Orchid Botanix strive to produce healthy blooms all year round and give you nothing but the best.

Moving foward,  we aim to bring an array and assortment of orchids that are endemic to the Philippines and the verdant plant life of Southeast Asia. We envision to offer only the best quality growth aids and media to further enhance the nurturing process of your orchids. Lastly, we dream of a continued expansion of our greenhouse into a sanctuary capable of growing plant life of massive scale.
We will strive our best to offer big sizes of plants when We can as a plant nursery.